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local economic development

our mission is to ensure that each child's basic needs are met, and we strive to do this through local entrepreneurs whenever possible.  Binding Thread not only provides for children in need but supports economic growth in Myanmar as well.

Our mission is to provide women a safe place to live, work, and find community.

Through these efforts, we pray these women will no longer be targets for human trafficking and slavery.

Soy Milk

Children who don't get enough protein may experience health issues, including fatigue, poor concentration, slowed growth, bone and joint pain, delayed wound healing, and decreased immune response.


Through LCH2 soy milk production, we are able to provide this essential part for the children's growth and development.

Win Farm

Myanmar is the world’s sixth-largest rice-producing country and rice is the country’s most important crop. The following set of  interventions would improve the 


Finance for small-scale village infrastructure projects can increase the demand for wage labor for the rural poor.

Burmese new testament.jpg

Biblical Training both strengthens the believer and promotes maturity to other believers by reflecting Christ-likeness, and thereby growing the church as a whole. 


Biblical Training motivates these students to commit themselves to evangelize and serving in obedience to the Great Commission

Bible Training

A common struggle for those in Myanmar is being provided with quality water.


The Calvary campus works to combat this issue, managing a water purification business that distributes clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.