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I saw poor kids and orphans. My heart was moved by them and I wanted to take care of them.

Jonah Zan Win and 

Daw Kyaw Sein Nu


Win Children's Home is located in a rural area to the northeast of Yangon. The campus was started in 2008, and is run by Jonah Win and Daw Kyaw Sein Nu.


Jonah Win was born in Rakhine State in 1968. Rakhine State has become known for its ongoing religious and ethnic conflicts dating back to World War II. Jonah, along with his 9 siblings, grew up in a Buddhist household and attended Buddhist schooling through his primary and secondary education. He was approached by a Chin Evangelist in 1988, who shared the Gospel (John 3:16, specifically) with him. Jonah accepted Christ as his Savior and dedicated his life to God’s mission, getting baptized, and attending Bible courses over the next few years. Daw Kyaw Sein Nu, Jonah’s wife, married Jonah in 1988 and currently helps with the gardening and farming at the campus.


In an effort to further evangelize the largely Buddhist country of Myanmar, Jonah and Daw Kyaw moved to Yangon in 2008. Jonah says, “I saw poor kids and orphans. My heart was moved by them and I wanted to take care of them”. Through much thought and prayer, he decided to start Win Children Home.


Since 2008, Win Children Home has provided living essentials for numerous children, with their current count being at 45. Jonah and Daw Kyaw have 5 children: Thidar, Thiri, Thura, Thinggi, and Thiha, with Thidar, Thiri, and Thinggi all having some sort of role in the maintenance of the orphanage. Both Jonah and Daw Kyaw enjoy being around the kids when they have free time. In addition to Win’s farming and gardening businesses, the campus also has a rice business and raises livestock and fish.


Win Children Home’s campus-wide goals include wholeheartedly caring for the orphans, which includes rescuing children from the civil war in northern Myanmar. Win also aims to see the children obtain a quality education, sufficient jobs, and “most importantly, for them to know and accept God as their savior.” Jonah and Daw Kyaw’s personal prayer requests include prayers for his physical health and wisdom from God while leading the campus.


Contact us to learn more about Jonah & Daw Kyaw, Win Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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