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Why the need:

Asia has the greatest number of elderly persons. projections suggest that developing countries are aging much faster than industrialized countries did, as a result of rapid declines in fertility and broad diffusion of medical knowledge.  The distribution of the world's elderly is continuing to shift considerably, with 67% residing in developing countries. Put simply, the need is evident and expected to rise in the years to come.

Why Help:

Because it is mandated. There are all kinds of benefits to widow care from alleviating isolation to increasing physical and emotional health. The direction to address these can be answered by simply asking; what we should do?

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (James 1:27)

Why Us:

Widow care is a core principle. Meeting the wonderfully giving people who are taking in these ladies in need of community and care has been an inspiration. We are committed to keeping the care for these ladies thriving as we have been able to see their growth in their waning years. 

Some of the lovely ladies that we are supporting

Binding Thread Myanmar Widow

Mi Mi Lay 

Mi Mai Lay was born in 1959 and arrived at the Sharing Gospel Widows Home in 2015. She loves to cook and share her testimony of following Jesus.  She has a bad disease but she began feeling better after she got our home and loves to share the gospel and her testimony.

Pa Lung

Pa Lung was born in 1940 and came to live at the Widows Home in 2010. Her favorite part of the Bible is the story of Jesus Christ. She loves planting flowers and vegetables around the campus. She has a son that is living in prison now and 2 brothers that live in Chin State. There is no-one that is able to care for her outside of the Widows Home. She is happy living with the other women and is so thankful for the support of Elijah for her needs. 

Binding Thread Myanmar Widow
Binding Thread Myanmar Widow

Ngeih Zing

She arrived at the Widows Home in 2007 when she was 55 years old. She likes to pray and share the gospel with anyone she gets to meet.  She has no children of her own, but she has some living siblings in Chin State as well as some siblings that have passed away. She is happy at our home and loves to help other widows in many ways like washing clothes, cooking, and cleaning.

Saw Mi

Saw Mi was born in 1978 and arrived here in 2014. She came with her mother who was widowed and had no-one to care for them. After her mother died, she remained with us at the Widows Home. She is very bright but developed extreme paranoia when she was in University and could no longer live on her own. She is able to attend services and enjoys singing and walking about. 

Binding Thread Myanmar Widow
Binding Thread Myanmar Widow


Esther was born in 1992 and arrived here in 2014 with her mother. She has down syndrome and is not able to take care of herself away from her mother. She likes to read about Timothy and enjoys singing and dancing when she can. Esther is a very sweet girl who loves everyone she meets.

Say Phaw

She was born in 1958 and arrived at the Widows Home in 2014 with her daughter Esther. She has 1 living brother but he is not able to take care of her and Esther.  Say Phaw loves to pray and spend her time singing about Jesus. 

Binding Thread Myanmar Widow
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