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Love Loom House

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Your support of the Love Loom House directly supports women who are at the greatest risk of becoming victims of human or labor trafficking.  

Our mission is to provide women a safe place to live, work, and find community through Love Loom House

Through these efforts, we pray that the Burmese women will no longer be targets for human trafficking and slavery. 

Thi Dar Aye


Thi Dar Aye started working at Love Loom House in May 2015.  She is 24 years old, but her birthday is unknown. She has eight siblings and prior to coming to work at Love Loom House, she worked at a farm with her parents. By working at the Loom House, she can now support her family without working long days in the sun.  She is very happy working at Love Loom House and being surrounded by those who love and care about her.

Myint Myint Htwe


When Myint Myint was young, her family's home was taken by the government and her parents passed away. A missionary brought her and her sister to Love Children Home. She decided to run away from the orphanage to find what she thought would be a "better life" but returned to Love Children Home about a year later when she realized living and working at the Loom House was the biggest blessing God has ever given to her.  She is currently pursuing more skills within that she hopes will help her achieve her dreams. 

Esther Par


Even though Esther's parents loved her very much, they were poor and knew they would never be able to afford the books, uniform, or transportation needed for her to get an education. They made the difficult decision to take Esther to Love Children Home so she could go to school and have a better chance at life. Soon after she arrived, Esther was laughing with her friends, attending school, and feeling secure in her future goals. She is one of the original Love Loom House employees and loves working with her best friends. 

Sui Dim Mawi


Sui Dim has been working at the Loom House for 5 years and could not be happier. She grew up in Love Children Home but originally came from a different orphanage that the government shut down. She was sent to Love Children Home with her brother who is studying at the Disciple Bible College. They are both working very hard to create happy lives for themselves and the Loom house has given her that chance. 

Sandar Maung


Sandar Maung came from a small village. Her family was very poor and they were not able to support her for her final year of high school. She came to Love Loom House in hopes of supporting herself so that she could pay the tuition for the final grade of high school.  She can now support herself through school and has some extra money to go back to her family in the village. Her dream after finishing high school is to continue to work at Love Loom House to support her college education.

Sandar Aung


When Sandar was young, her mother died. Because her father was not able to take care of all of his children, he made the difficult decision to take Sandar's sister (Rubie) to Love Children Home so she would have a better chance at life. Approximately two years later, he brought Sandar to the orphanage too. She has lived at Love Children Home for eleven years and feels so blesses to be working at Love Loom House with her best friends. 

Roda Sung


Twenty years ago, Roda and her family moved to Love Children Home, and her parents became the campus cooks. She is married to Benjamin who is the Health and Education Coordinator at the orphanage. Together, they have two children. (Lydia and Phillip) She doesn't know where she would be without Love Loom House and the opportunities it has provided to her and her family. She feels so blessed for the life that she has thanks to the opportunities she found within Love Loom House. 

Rem Twai (Mary)


In Myanmar, a significant number of marriages are arranged. However, in a lot of cases, the bride and groom actually meet each other, share their feelings, and then discuss with their families. Mary had met her husband outside of the Love Children Home orphanage even though he works at the orphanage. Once they were married Mary moved to Love Children Home and began working in the Loom House. When she is asked what her favorite part of working in the Loom House is, she explains that she loves being able to help support her family.  Samuel is now a teacher at Disciple Bible College and the have three children together. (Pretty, James, and Anna)

Myat Thein


Myat is from the Buddhist tribe name Rakhine. The Rhakine tribe violently fights against the muslim coummunity. Myat's husband suddenly abandoned the marriage and left her with her five children to raise on her own. Rebekah met Myat and led her to Christ. She now knits gorgeous products for Love Loom House. Four of Myat's five children have also accepted Christ through her. 

Cho Mar Aung


When Rubie was young, her mother died. Due to her dad not being able to take care of all of his children, he made the decision to take Rubie to Love Children Home so she would have a better life.  About 2 years later, be brought her sister, Sandra, to the orphanage too. Since that time, she has lived at Love Children Home and is one of the original Loom House employees. Because she is very passionate and committed to the work that they do in the Loom House, she was promoted to the manager position and is in charge of the Loom House when Rebecca is not available. Rubie is so happy and feels blessed to be working in the Loom House with her best friends.  

Mercy Khun


Mercy grew up at Love Children Home and is one of the original Love Loom House employees. She is married to Jessie who works at Love Children Home orphanage to manage the children's educational goals. They have two sons (David and Isiah) Her sister Roda also works in the Love Loom House with her. 

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