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Why college:

Higher education improves individual lives and enriches a wider society. Higher education raises wages and productivity, which makes both individuals and countries richer.  College graduates earn higher wages and achieve higher standing within the society in general.  What doors would be opened if they were given this opportunity?

Why Help:

Many prepared and talented students cannot access higher education because the costs exceed their means. These include tuition, room/board, books, material, and transportation.     

What if all of these could be provided for 75$ a month?

Why Us:

Only 55% of children in Myanmar attend any high school.  Of those, only 30% will go on to graduate.  While the costs are relatively low for college education, the option to attend is not common for the poor and working classes. All of the kids we support attend high school.  Many even qualify for post-secondary educational opportunities. 

What difference would it make for orphaned Christians to acquire degrees in a Buddhist nation?

We are committed to ensuring that all of our kids get every opportunity that is available for them. The expectations are high that they attend school and perform to the best of their abilities.


We are proud to say that our students are attending and completing at a rate above the national average. 

The next step is to ensure that they are not hindered only by finance to continue their goals of finding success in Myanmar.

Binding Thread Myanmar Education

Some of the options for our students

University of Yangon

Myanmar Orphan Education

The University of Yangon, founded in 1920, is the earliest university in Myanmar and has played an important role in the life of the nation through educating future leaders.

With 5000 students and departments ranging from Anthropology to Zoology the University of Yangon covers major subjects in arts and sciences as well as Law. 

Yangon Technological University

The present Yangon Technological University began as the Department of Engineering in 1923 under the Yangon University.  As the scope of engineering programs became more extensive, a larger complex was constructed and the Engineering Department was moved to that place in 1961. 

With 2500 students the university offers two-year and six-year Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Architecture programs. The Ph.D. programs last between three and five years. Students are accepted to undergraduate programs based on their scores from the annual university entrance examinations.

Myanmar Orphanage Education

Disciple Bible College and Seminary

Myanmar Orphanage Bible College

Started with 7 faculty members and 29 students in 2001 Disciple Bible College has graduated over 200 students who have become pastors, church planters, missionaries, orphanage leaders, and more.


Through the lives of these graduates, many have come to know Jesus and accepted Him as their Savior and Lord making DBCS one of the most fruitful Bible Colleges in Myanmar.  

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