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Be on mission. 
Take a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve orphans and widows in Myanmar. 

Short-term mission trips are a way to use your gifts and talents in an international context to help bring God’s hope and love to those you are serving. Your skills can go a long way to encourage and revitalize leaders, provide extra manpower to ministries that are short-staffed, or respond to crises in Burmese communities.


See how our vision of raising up Christian leaders and supporting missions-minded churches shows through service, education, healthcare, construction projects, and so many other types of ministries. See why Myanmar is key to expanding God’s kingdom here.


No matter how much we want to spread the gospel, going on mission trips isn’t for everyone. Some of us participate in the Great Commission by going and some of us participate by giving. Everyone can support missions through prayer, but short-term missions allow you to see if career-based missions may be the right fit for you.


Traveling somewhere out of your comfort zone can be an incredible step in determining God’s call on your life. Exploring ways you can bring hope and healing to a dying world is a gift for anyone. Short-term mission trips give you the opportunity to discover how you respond to the stress of missions while discerning how the Holy Spirit may work through you to leave an impact on this world.


We encourage you to prayerfully consider one of our short-term mission opportunities, especially if you’re considering embarking on long-term or career-based missions!

  • Myanmar December 2024
    Myanmar December 2024
    Exact Dates TBD
    Yangon, Myanmar
    Exact Dates TBD
    Yangon, Myanmar
    In the jewel of southeast Asia, you'll have the opportunity to work with the children and leaders that are building the next generation of Myanmar.

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As you first see the costs, you’ll be tempted to think, “I can’t possibly do that”. Resist this response.

Traveling abroad and experiencing a new culture can often be daunting, but fundraising itself can be very challenging as well.


Fundraising isn’t something most people do on a regular basis, and it’s not something a lot of people are very comfortable with. Because of this, the thought of organizing a fundraiser is probably going to make you feel uncomfortable and anxious, and that’s normal.

However, there are countless fundraising ideas out there. You just have to find what you enjoy or what works best for you.

These kinds of mission trip fundraisers take us out of our comfort zones, and with that, they grow our skills, broaden our horizons, and make us more confident and resilient.

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