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Projects large and small are always needed.  Find out how you can help.

Building projects

Concrete housing for the kids allows for security at night and protection during the extended monsoon season.  Keeping them secure and dry is a top priority.

It truly takes a village to care for 500 children. We have to keep our workers safe and secure to be able to serve to the best of their ability.

Security projects

Fencing and walls are as common in Myanmar as doors locks are in the US.  They are essential for keeping thieves out and livestock in.

Open windows are air conditioning, but they are also an invitation to criminals. Bars keep it cool and safe at the same time.

Water projects

Without clean water, proper toilets, and good hygiene, people face a huge hurdle in breaking free from poverty.  We want to eliminate that hurdle with the most basic of needs.  Clean Water.

Whether it's a permanent or semi-permanent structure.  Both concrete and wood-framed water systems can provide clean water that the children need to thrive.   

Power projects

It's easy to forget how much we use electricity until we don't have it.  Cooking meals, household chores, and studying math at night become formidable tasks without consistent power. 

While they are more costly to maintain than the power grid, generators can provide needed power in a pinch. Getting well pumps or equipment online rely greatly on generator power.

Maintenance projects

Southern Myanmar is warm and humid year-round. While this allows the ability to not heat buildings, it causes problems for roof quality.  Keeping dry indoors is critical during the monsoon seasons.

From June to August, rainfall can be constant and for long periods. During these times, flooding is prevalent and can lead to typhoid, cholera, and malaria outbreaks. That's why drainage and water diversion are so important.  

Hygiene projects

Access to toilet facilities reduces disease and does not damage the natural water supply that is so critical.  Having adequate toilet access helps particularly with female health and wellbeing. 

It all has to go somewhere.  Leach fields are the method of choice, but excessive rain (such as a monsoon season) can sometimes disrupt the order. Corrections are essential to overall health in these cases. 

Cooking projects

150 lbs. or rice per month is a lot of rice cooking.  Rice cookers save cooking time, cleaning time, and firewood.  Help to provide much-needed rice cookers today. 

A lot of kids, a lot of rice, and a lot of soup. What else do you need?  Maybe some dishes and spoons to eat from. Help to provide bowls and spoons for the kids to eat.

Bedding projects

In a communal setting, a bed is something that you only have to share with a few others.  And, it keeps you warm, dry, and away from crawly bugs. 

Mosquitos are annoying.  Their bites itch and they spread all kinds of disease.  Nets help to keep them at bay for better sleep and better health.

Myanmar Orphan Building


Housing is in constant demand.  Help to shelter those in need.

Myanmar Orphan Security


Safety and security is a must in Myanmar.  How can I keep the kids safe.


Clean water is a foundation of healthy community. 


From cooking and cleaning to studying. Progress needs to be powered.


Even the most careful kid breaks a window from time to time.

Myanmar Orphan Hygiene


Along with clean water and housing, hygiene is a critical corner of health.

Myanmar Orphan Food


Cooking for 50-100 is no easy task. Help with tools that are needed. 

Myanmar Orphan Bedding


An elevated bed is often overlooked. But why do we need them?

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