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Miracle Children's Home

The reason I started this orphanage is to help the helpless orphans, refugees from civil wars, and the parentless and poor children.

Abraham Hla Aung and 
Esther Hlawn Kip Par


Miracle Children Home, run by Abraham Hla Aung and Esther Hlawn Kip Par, was established in May of 2019. The campus is currently home to 25 children.


Abraham Hla Aung was born in 1981 in the southern part of Chin State in western Myanmar. His family was extremely poor and could not pay for education, so Peter Thang’s father, Biak Tin Sang, took Abraham with him to Tidim, a township in Chin State, to further his education. In 1995, when Peter and Rebecca started Love Children Home, Abraham moved to the campus and was cared for there. While there, he met Esther Hlawn Kip Par, and they married in 2002.


Esther Hlawn Kip Par was born in a small village in Chin State to a poor family. There was no education opportunity in her village. For this reason, as well as the high levels of poverty, she was sent to live at LCH in 1996. During this time, she met Abraham, and after they married, they continued to work at the LCH campus.


Abraham and Esther were given a vision to care for orphans, which they did while at the LCH campus. However, the opportunity and need was present for another campus location, and in May of 2019, Miracle Children Home was established.


Abraham and Esther have 4 biological children: Daniel, Ruth, Joel, and Gracy. Their reason for creating the campus was to “help the helpless orphans, refugees from civil war and parentless and poor children”. On campus, they have a pig farm and a chicken farm, as well as a garden for vegetables. In their free time, Abraham enjoys traveling and playing tennis, and both he and Esther enjoy spending time with and playing with the children. Their goals for the campus are to provide the children with a beautiful future and peaceful lives. Their continuous prayer requests include living according to God’s will, health for those on the campus, and that the children will know God personally and have daily spiritual growth.


Contact us to learn more about Abraham and Esther, Miracle Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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