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We were inspired by seeing the love for children in need.  We want to raise Godly individuals, inspire pursuit of higher education, and develop a love for serving the kingdom of God.

Tial Khar and Khuang Nawl 


Hermon Children Home, managed by Pastor Tial Khar and his wife Khuang Nawl, was established in 2004 and is currently home to 26 children.


Tial Khar was born in 1956 to a Christian family that had converted from animism. As he was waiting for his acceptance into secondary education, he prayed for God to guide him for the future, leading to him attending Bible college and earning both a Bachelor of Theology degree and Master of Divinity degree. He went on to be a senior pastor in his home village for about 10 years and teach at the Chin Theological College for more than 3 years. In 2000, God would guide Pastor Khar to teach at Disciple Bible College, working with the orphans near the campus and cultivating a relationship with Peter and Rebecca Thang. He was led a year later to move to Korea and work towards his Master of Theology degree. There, he would connect with Pastor Kang, who helped him buy land and build a house to do ministry from, which would later grow into Hermon Children Home.


Khuang Nawl was born into a Christian family in 1975 and is the oldest of eight siblings. During her 8th grade year of school, she had to get surgery on her appendix, which was extremely dangerous due to the underdeveloped healthcare in Myanmar. God protected her through this surgery, and from then on she diligently prayed for guidance and opportunity to be in His ministry. Khuang Nawl worked as a Bible teacher for a number of years, and she and Pastor Khar married in 1995.


Both Pastor Khar and Khuang Nawl say that they were inspired by Peter and Rebecca to start an orphanage, and they would do so in 2004. They have 4 biological children: Lydia, Gloria, Daniel, and Priscila. At the campus location, they have multiple fish ponds, a pig farm, and a chicken farm. In their free time, they both enjoy spending time with the children. Their overall goals for the campus are to raise Godly individuals, inspire the pursuit of higher education, and to develop a love for serving the kingdom of God. Their continuous prayer requests are for the childrens’ exams and that their family is able to pursue God faithfully.


Contact us to learn more about Tial Khar and Khuang Nawl, Hermon Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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