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We, both of us, Peter and Rebecca are called to help the orphans and poor since our childhood. We both have the vision to look after the children and have a love for the orphans.



Love Children’s Home, Love Orphanage Network’s largest campus, is home to 106 children. The orphanage is run by Peter and Rebecca Thang, and the campus itself is also home to Love Loom House.


Peter Za Hlun Thang was born in 1970 in Chin State, located in western Myanmar and bordering India. At age 10, Peter became severely sick and could not move or talk for 8 months. His grandfather, Reverend Hallelujah Pa Theu prayed “Ar thin tuh”, which is a traditional Chin prayer for the dying. His prayer was simple: “God, if you do not take the life of Peter, and lend his life to us, we will give his life into your hand to do your work for the rest of his life.” As his family and church members continued to pray without ceasing, Peter slowly began to heal. Over time, his speech and ability to walk and run were completely restored. “God has made my life meaningful and productive and he has blessed me beyond what I could imagine. Every day is a chance to partner with Him in His great ministry. Hallelujah!”


Rebecca Sun Zing, who also grew up in Chin State, met Peter while attending Bible college in 1989. They grew together with their love for God and their passion for helping orphans. They married in 1992, and moved to New Delhi to continue their Biblical studies. They returned to Chin State after completing their degrees and prayed for guidance for their future. God provided both Peter and Rebecca with a vision of caring for orphans, and in 1995, they started Love Children’s Home.


Peter says, “God is a great God who pours his abundant blessings upon us and LCH”. Peter and Rebecca have 3 kids: Elizabeth, Rosemary, and Joseph. Peter enjoys playing tennis and soccer, and Rebecca likes talking to and working with the children. They both have been praying for the continued growth of the orphanage and the loom house. Since LCH has been created, they have increased the number of orphans at their campus from their initial 20 to more than 100. Additionally, Rebecca started Love Loom House, which provides handmade fair trade items for both the Burmese and American communities.


Peter and Rebecca’s goals for the orphanage are to see the children be given an abundant life, to raise up Christlike people from the campus, and to continue the spread of the kingdom of God. Peter’s continuous prayer requests include gaining wisdom and favor from God, good health for himself and those at the campus, and to lead the orphanage according to God’s will. Rebecca’s continuous prayer requests include prayers for her personal health, wisdom, and strength from God, and the loom business.


Contact us to learn more about Peter & Rebecca, Love Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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