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We have always been passionate about serving the poor. Now we are serving the Lord and taking care of the orphans and poor who need to be helped

Thomas Chan Thar and Mirriam Bawi Din Sung


Love Children Home 2 is home to 30 children and is located just southeast of Love Children’s Home. The orphanage is run by Thomas and Mirriam Thar.


Thomas Chan Thar grew up near Chin Hill in central Myanmar. At age 12, he moved in with his grandfather after his parents divorced, and was taken to Love Children’s Home for the possibility of a better education. Thomas continued his education at Disciple Bible College, graduating with a Bachelor of Theology. After completing his college career, he moved back to the LCH campus to work with Peter and Rebecca Thang, the orphanage leaders.


Mirriam Bawi Din Sung arrived shortly following Peter and Rebecca’s opening of Love Children’s Home in 1995. Her parents were both Christians, but knew that they could not support her and the advanced education that she desired. With the support she received at LCH, Mirriam was able to attend Disciple Bible College, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Theology. She and Thomas both had a passion for helping the poor and were able to start Love Children Home 2 in 2007.


In the time since Love Children Home 2 was started, their numbers have increased to 30 children, including Thomas and Mirriam’s own children: Joshua, Paul, and Brianna. Thomas enjoys reading in his free time, and Mirriam likes to cook and serve others. Mirriam says that “(she and Thomas) are serving the Lord and taking care of the orphans and poor who need to be helped”, something they have both been passionate about for years. They have 3 employees at the campus, who help attend to their soy milk business, care for livestock, and teach the children.


Thomas and Mirriam’s long-term goals for LCH2 are to see the children they support be given fruitful lives after they grow out of the orphanage program. Thomas’continuous prayer requests include prayers for his and the campus’ health, both physically and spiritually. Mirriam’s continuous prayer requests include prayers for her and Thomas’ decisions, making sure that they continue to be “faithful and trustful servants of God and others”.


Contact us to learn more about Thomas & Mirriam, Love Children's Home 2 campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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