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“I want the orphans and the poor to have a better life, a better education, and for them to know God and have a peaceful life”

Stephen Great and 
Van Nei Kim


Blessing Children Home was established in 2006 by Stephen Great. He and his wife, Van Nei Kim, currently provide for 37 children.


Stephen Great was one of the original orphans taken in and cared for by Peter and Rebecca Thang in 1995 due to his family’s difficult education and living situations. For a portion of his youth Stephen was part of a Buddhist household, with his father holding a place of significance among others involved in the Buddhist religion.


After attending a conference held by Joseph Biak Tin Sang in 1990, Stephen and his entire family accepted Christ and converted to Christianity. During this time, Stephen was given a vision through a dream to take care of children but was unsure of the details or the underlying meaning of his dream. He chose to trust God either way, praying for answers and clarity. He was able to attend Disciple Bible College and earn his Bachelor of Theology degree in 2004. Stephen continued to pray and ask for guidance, and with Joseph’s help, he started Blessing Children Home.


Van Nei Kim grew up in a Christian home with the other 8 members of her family. She attended Disciple Bible College in 2006, where she met Stephen. She graduated from college with a Bachelor of Ministry degree, and she and Stephen married in 2006. Shortly thereafter, they officially opened the Blessing campus.


Stephen and Van Nei have 4 biological children: Daniel, Andrew, Timothy, and Johnathan. Stephen says that he started the campus so that “the orphans and the poor may have better life, better education and for them to know God and have a peaceful life”. On campus, they have a store they sell goods out of, and they make shoes and brooms as well. During their free time, they both enjoy spending time with the children. Their campus goals and continuous prayer requests are knowing God, following His guidance, and that they may have a beautiful life.


Contact us to learn more about Stephen and Nei Nei, Blessing Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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