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Welcome to

RebeccAmy Children's Home

We want to help the orphans and the poor.  We want to raise them up and bring them to Christ. This way that they will have a better life here and eternal life in Jesus.

Amos Thawng Tha Ceu 
and Sat Tin San


RebeccAmy Children Home is run by Amos Thawng Tha Ceu and Sat Tin San. The campus was started in 2012, and is currently home to 31 children.


Amos Thawng Tha Ceu arrived at Love Children Home in 1996 with his mother and 3 sisters. He attended Disciple Bible College, graduating in 2005. He moved to India for 3 years to continue his studies, returned to the LCH campus in 2008, and worked there for a few years. While growing up, he was given a vision of caring for orphans and the poor, raising them up according to God’s will. Through faith and persistence, he started the RebeccAmy orphanage.


Sat Tin San was raised in India with her brother and 4 sisters. When she was 8 years old, her father decided he wanted to marry a different woman, which left Sat Tin and her siblings to find another living situation. In 1994, she and one of her sisters moved to Myanmar to live with a relative. She was later adopted by her uncle’s friend, who gave her the opportunity to go to school. She attended Disciple Bible College in 2003, where she met Amos, and they married in 2005. In a similar way to Amos, Sat Tin felt the responsibility as an orphan to care for other orphans in Myanmar.


Amos and Sat Tin have 4 biological children - Sophia, Samuel, Faith, and Cung Tha, who all live on the RebeccAmy campus. The campus has a chicken farm and a pig farm. In their free time, Amos enjoys playing tennis, badminton, and fishing, and Sat Tin likes to travel. Their campus goals are to provide children with “hope, love, peace, and knowing their Savior Jesus Christ”. Their continuous prayer requests are for the children’s growth physically and spiritually, as well as clarity on how to lead the campus according to the will of God.


Contact us to learn more about Amos and San San, RebeccAmy Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

Give to directly support this campus and help to provide life and provide it abundantly now. 

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