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I was raised up in an orphanage.  I know the same feeling for what an orphan feels and wanted to take care of those who are parentless, poor, and I want to reach them with the love and words of God.

Noah Rual Lian Thang 

and Ruth Tin Tin Sang

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Calvary Children Home, led by Noah Rual Lian Thang and Ruth Tin Tin Sang, is home to 42 children. Calvary was started in 2007 and is located in rural central Myanmar.


When he was 10 years old, Noah’s parents divorced, leaving him, his sister, and his brother homeless. A year later, their father returned to the village where they were staying and took them to Yangon. They were sent to Love Children Home in 1996 and were raised by Peter and Rebecca Thang. Noah chose to attend Disciple Bible College after graduating high school, where he earned his Bachelor of Theology. While at Bible college, he met Ruth, and they were married in 2005.


Ruth grew up in a Christian home with her two brothers and one sister. Her father was a township judge, which required their family to move often. Ruth saw her family’s enthusiasm to help the poor despite being poor themselves. “That rooted in my life and my heart grew bigger and bigger for the poor, the orphans and the needy.” She began to pray, hoping to be blessed enough to start an orphanage. Ruth’s family had always prayed that she could be a minister of God in her life. After completing college and marrying Noah, Ruth and her family’s visions for helping the poor became more clear, and after much prayer, they started Calvary Children Home in 2007.


Since Calvary’s opening, they have had a total of 112 children that have lived on campus at some point. Currently, they provide living essentials for 42 children. Ruth and Noah currently have two biological children named Esther and Michael. Calvary operates a chicken farm and a pig farm, in addition to farming vegetables to sell. They also plant mango and guava trees, and they run a water purifying business. When they are not managing the Calvary campus, Noah and Ruth both teach at Disciple Bible College. Their main focus for the campus is to reach the children who do not have hope and to nurture them with God’s love. Their continuous prayers for the campus include physical, mental, and spiritual health, prayers for the education of the children, and, most importantly, that they “all grow in wisdom and power and love of God”.


Contact us to learn more about Noah & Ruth, Calvary Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

Give to directly support this campus and help to provide life and provide it abundantly now. 

meet the kids that call calvary home

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