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Beaulah Children's Home

I was called to care for the orphans after God gave me compassion for them. I can nourish them physically as well as spiritually to be their father on earth.

Sonny Cung Luai  
and Biak Rem Mawi


Beulah Children Home was established in 2009. It is run by Sonny Cung Luai and Biak Rem Mawi, and is home to 26 children.


Sonny Cung Luai’s compassion for orphans and desire to care for them came from his time studying the Bible in Yangon. He prayed that God would present an opportunity for him in the future, and he was presented with the chance to do so after he graduated college. Once he had done so, he moved to Kalaymyo, a town in western Myanmar, and worked at Faith Orphanage for 5 years. However, during this time, Sonny saw that orphan care was not how he had envisioned it. After he finished his duties, he moved into a home with his wife with no intention of taking in any orphans. Just one week after they moved into a new home, they were presented with an opportunity to care for 3 orphans. Sonny declined. A second time, he was presented with 2 orphans to care for, again declining. When he was asked a third time to care for a small group of orphans, Sonny understood that it was God’s will for him to look after those in need, and he and his wife started Beulah Children Home.


Biak Rem Mawi, after finishing high school, moved to Kalaymyo with the intention of attending college. Instead, she chose to help cook for Faith Orphanage, where she met Sonny. They married 2 years into their time working at the orphanage, and left together after 5 years. She says that everything happens according to God’s will, and through prayer and trust, they decided to take in orphans.


Once Beulah was established, Sonny and Biak Rem saw God blessing them and their work, providing for them and keeping them safe in an area that was not. They have 4 biological children - Holly, Joel, Sarah, and Jacob - who live at the orphanage. They raise pigs, fish, and chicken, as well as doing loom work and weaving. In their free time, Sonny enjoys teaching and raising animals, and Biak Rem likes to weave. Their goals for the campus are physical and spiritual nourishment for both the children and themselves. Their continuous prayer requests are for health and their loom business.


Contact us to learn more about Sonny and Rem Mawi, Beaulah Children's Home campus, and God's work that is being fulfilled there.

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